Strategic Business Consulting

Strategic Business Consulting and Planning

Strategic business consulting

Simplicity underpins everything we do. Whether you’re looking at starting a small business, or you’re already up and running and you’re looking for some tips on effective small business marketing, our approach remains the same; develop a clear purpose with strategic goals that are achievable and relative to the resources of the business.

Once these goals are established, we break them down into the specific strategies that are needed to achieve each objective. Our business planning format has been honed over many years. We set business owners up for success, rather than providing over-ambitious and unrealistic goals that are beyond the realm of possibility.

Business plans

Strategic business consulting and planning provides direction and objectives for starting a new business, obtaining funding, and day-to-day operations. Our business plans follow a logical progression of information, based on sound research. The finished result is a concise document that is simple and easy to read. Your business plan will include a handy implementation action plan that can be used in your daily business operations to assist you with decision making. Our clients report that they use their business plan at least once a week to help them make positive decisions and keep them on the path towards success. A business plan from Acuro generally covers the first year of business operations. Once your first year is complete, Acuro can develop strategic plans to keep you moving in the right direction.

Strategic plans

Strategic plans differ from business plans. Whereas business plans provide the structure of ideas that initially define a new business, strategic plans are used to provide focus, direction and action in order to propel an organisation from their current position to greater efficiency and success. A strategic plan focuses on building a sustainable competitive advantage and is critical to prioritising resources (time, money and people) to grow revenue and increase return on investments.


Having a clear plan is an essential component of success, but having a plan isn’t everything; using it effectively is equally as important. That’s where Acuro can help.

A critical aspect of implementing organisational procedure and change is winning the support and buy-in of employees, throughout the entire organisation. Our approach is to develop visual tools that cut through any fears or concerns employees may have about the proposed changes. We highlight why the changes are necessary and how they will improve the workplace and overall sustainability of the organisation.

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