Aboriginal Employment Strategy

Employment Strategies

The Right Staff

Being able to recruit and retain good staff is a constant challenge in business. Attracting the right staff to your business is vital to its success and having happy employees can increase productivity. It also makes work an enjoyable place to be.

Our Approach to Employment Strategies

Our approach to developing employment strategies is to consult widely with all of the people who will be impacted by the resulting changes.

It is important to hear about what is working, what needs to be improved and any specific challenges or opportunities that people are aware of.

Incorporating this feedback into the final strategy is a great way to achieve buy-in and acceptance from the workforce and wider community of stakeholders. Incorporating key milestones into the strategy and having rigorous evaluation processes is also important to ensuring that the strategy is working and delivering value for money and results for our clients.

Developing an Aboriginal Employment Strategy

In developing strategies that increase the involvement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in a workforce, we rely heavily on our well established community networks and strong reputation as a culturally capable consulting firm.

Our community networks have helped us to develop an effective Aboriginal employment strategy framework.

We talk with community leaders and Elders to understand any barriers to lasting employment and we develop targeted solutions to overcome those challenges. Our skill in developing visual tools that cut across cultural, language or skills barriers is also a key feature of our consultation process.

The final documents we produce always have a strong visual dimension which our clients find appealing and easy to use. These procedures work together to ensure an effective, targeted Aboriginal employment strategy that can be used on a daily basis to achieve the employment aims of our clients.

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