Business Management

Adding value and building knowledge

The team at Acuro has a wealth of knowledge and business management expertise that we delight in imparting to our clients.

Business Mentoring

Mentoring is an effective way to build knowledge and confidence in business management, decision making and general business operations. While extremely rewarding and worthwhile when executed properly, the concept has unfortunately been tarnished over the years by lacklustre implementation, whereby an informal relationship, without any structure or real obligation on the part of the participants, produces less than desirable results.

At Acuro, our approach to mentoring is focussed and dedicated to adding value, building knowledge and producing results. We provide a very structured approach by setting clear goals from the outset and documenting the expectations of each party. This enables the mentoring process to stay focussed on relevant challenges and goals so that the effectiveness of the relationship can be measured against key deliverables and outcomes.

Mentoring not only fosters ‘big picture’ focus, but is also a great platform for troubleshooting unforeseen issues that can arise in the day-to-day operations of a business. In our experience, mentoring is usually intensive during the initial launch and early stages of a business, then lessens over time, as we enjoy seeing our business owners grow in knowledge, business management skills and confidence.

Business Training

Training differs from mentoring in that there is a very strong focus on direct knowledge and skills transfer. Where mentoring is more about providing guidance and assistance with business management and decision making, training is about imparting the knowledge and skills to do the job. Acuro can provide effective training for your business and employees. Our approach is flexible and interactive in order to encourage involvement and ensure that participants receive maximum value from the program. Good training is more than just an expert dictating theory to a room. We incorporate discussion, simulations, case studies and other forms of interaction that are critical for an effective and dynamic training experience.

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