Yorga Art

The unique paintings of Western Australian Aboriginal artist, Heather Blacklock, are highly sought after, by art collectors and galleries. Heather paints in a style that is unlike any other artist. Her brush strokes are carefully crafted to resemble quills, like those found on the Echidna. This unique style was the basis of a new brand Acuro developed for Heather as she sought to market her business.

Acuro is supporting Heather’s business to grow through business planning, brand development, website development, product development, arts development, sales, marketing and distribution, bookkeeping and cashflow management training. See more of Heather’s extraordinary artwork at www.yorga.com.au.

Working with Acuro has helped me to improve in all areas of my business. We have done a lot of work on my cashflow and getting to understand more about the business systems. I have better computer skills now and picked up things which I never thought I’d be able to do. It’s been great having other people to bounce ideas off and to keep me motivated through the tough times.
Heather Blacklock - Artist