Nguin Warrup

One of Australia’s leading Indigenous Community Cultural Development organisations faced the challenge of developing marketing and communication tools that captured all of the diverse aspects of the organisation and paid tribute to their strong community engagement principles.

With Acuro’s help a unique brand was developed incorporating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander motifs. The traditional warrup (drum) from Torres Strait was used as the logo to show the energy going out into the community from the performances and events produced by Nguin Warrup. The cross hatching on the warrup represented local Queensland Aboriginal cultures. Together these two motifs captured the essence of Nguin Warrup’s work with community.

A suite of professional marketing tools were developed that have attracted great interest from audiences and clients. Nguin Warrup is now presenting weekly events in the Queen Street Mall as part of Brisbane City Council’s community engagement initiatives. Find out more about the exciting work of Nguin Warrup at

The way in which you worked with our organisation to develop our branding and marketing has been very inspiring and empowering. We have been getting great feedback on the website and email newsletter.
Debra Bennet, Board Member