Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS)

With over 60% of its clients identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, RFDS Queensland required an employment strategy to attract and retain more Indigenous Australians to its workforce. In 2012, statewide consultations were conducted by Acuro to capture the views of RFDS employees, management and community stakeholders. From these consultations the key barriers to employment were identified and strategies were developed to address each challenge.

The final Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy included direct feedback from the people consulted to ensure they felt a sense of ownership over the strategy. In addition, photographs and graphics were used to make the strategy visually appealing to the people who would be using the strategy on a daily basis.

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We are committed to the employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with RFDS to deliver vital health care in remote communities. Acuro has provided us with culturally appropriate solutions to that challenge and their consultation process has ensured ownership of the results by our employees and the wider community.
Tracey Green – General Manager, People and Corporate Services, Royal Flying Doctor Services (Queensland Section)