JALI Local Aboriginal Corporation

Located in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, JALI represents local Traditional Owners groups and manages lands on their behalf. It operates commercial ventures and ranger programs that employ local Aboriginal people and help them to maintain their strong connection to country. JALI recently chose Acuro to assist their Board to prepare two feasibility assessments into potential property developments in the region.

The first assessment was made on a quarry site owned by JALI. The challenge put to Acuro was whether JALI should run, lease or sell the quarry. After working through a detailed business analysis, we were able to make a recommendation to the Board and organise appropriate assistance for them to proceed. Our extensive industry knowledge across a wide range of sectors, such as heavy equipment, mineral extraction and transport ensured that the feasibility we prepared was based on current industry pricing and trends.

The second feasibility study was more complex and examined whether JALI should enter into an eco-tourism development on land they held. After meeting with numerous stakeholder groups and examining the development requirements, a recommendation was made to the Board, along with detailed financial forecasts about development and operational costs. As the project was not deemed feasible, an alternative solution was provided that was better aligned with the resources and organisation objectives of JALI.

The feasibility studies Acuro prepared for our Board were very simple and easy to follow. I was able to give them to the Board members and they could quickly see the facts. Normally I have to wade through lengthy documents to summarise them for the board and this takes time. It was refreshing to be given reports where this was already done. You saved me time and helped our Board to make good decisions.
Veronica Williams – Chief Executive Officer