Beaumont Earthmoving

Heavy machinery seems to be in the blood of the Beaumont family. Brothers, John and Richie Beaumont, both operate highly successful heavy machinery and haulage businesses west of Brisbane. John and Kay Beaumont of Beaumont Earthmoving realised recently that they were devoting all of their time to the business. This was impacting negatively on their lifestyle and wellbeing. “Quite frankly, we were stressed. The business had grown so much we were struggling to keep on top of everything.” This is how the Beaumont’s described the situation when Acuro met with them to review their business operations. Having reviewed the business we sat down with the Beaumont’s to set clear goals for the next 5 years. With a clear direction mapped out Acuro commenced mentoring the Beaumont’s and in a short time they were able to restructure their administration, tendering, staffing, expenditure and equipment processes to streamline operations and free up more of their time for family and leisure pursuits. John and Kay report that they now feel in control of the business and their decision making is aligned with the strategic goals they have set for the next 5 years. Setting goals and having a good implementation plan, with mentoring to help you through the rough patches, is the best way to achieve success in business.

Working with Brett has taken a great burden off our minds. Having his help makes it easier to see what decisions we should be making. We feel in control again and have a bit more time to ourselves which is great.
Kay Beaumont, Owner