Aboriginal Bush Traders

Aboriginal Bush Traders is an innovative business model being trialled with Aboriginal Communities in the Top End, whereby participating communities supply unique products into a central hub (Aboriginal Bush Traders) which then does the sales, marketing and distribution on the community’s behalf. All profits are then reinvested back into communities to support employment and help close the gap on Indigenous disadvantage in regional and remote locations.

Acuro has supported this exciting social enterprise through a number of stages, including the preparation of a feasibility study and the subsequent development of a three year business plan. A detailed action plan was included in the business plan to identify who was responsible for implementing specific tasks in order to ensure the objectives would be achieved within the planning timeframe.

Acuro also supported the inaugural Aboriginal Bush Traders board with governance and financial systems training, so that each board member would be able to guide the organisation skillfully in coming years. Aboriginal Bush Traders is now into its fifth year of profitable and sustainable operations in Darwin. Visit them at www.aboriginalbushtraders.com.

Your business planning and governance training with our new Aboriginal Bush Traders board has been invaluable in establishing a solid, professional foundation for our business. We are now well equipped to launch our business in the marketplace and make it a success.
Kelvin Costello, CEO